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We understand that purchasing a solar power system is not an impulse buy. The first step is always making sure that solar energy is right for you and your lifestyle, taking into account your home or business design, electricity usage, and budget. Our free site evaluation can help you decide. Once you receive all the facts about solar and decide to purchase a solar power system from Kliewer Construction, Inc. our mission is to make your solar experience easy and affordable.

Why Go Solar?

Savings Every Month plus a Hedge Against Rate Hikes. Offset energy prices and unpredictable rate hikes by generating your own free power for decades. Protect The Environment with Reliable Power. Most electricity is generated by burning coal that emits pollutants into the atmosphere. Solar electricity comes from a clean and renewable source—the sun.
Increased Property Value. Solar is a smart upgrade that makes your home more desirable and valuable.Click here to see the brands we use.

Solar Offers You Energy Independence

Specializing in:
agricultural related installations
large residential projects (homes with acreage)

Links to solar financing:

Residential and Commercial Financing
Website www.thinkreelgreen.com
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Commercial Financing
Jerry Guffy
Email us at: mailto:solutions@missioncapitalfund.com

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